Best Survival Food Reviews

Each survival food has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, so each one could be considered the best survival food is given a specific survival situation/palate.  Here are my best survival food reviews.

Remember, all food needs to be rotated eventually, so a reliable way of keeping inventory and expirations dates is a must.  Most importantly, only stockpile survival food that you are comfortable carrying, preparing, and eating.

Non-perishable Food

Product: Varies

Price: $0.98 (Ramen) – $76.90 (25 lb bag of Organic Brown Sweet Rice)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Walmart (or perhaps your local grocery store)

My Rating: 5 – 10

The most common type of survival food is also the cheapest: non-perishable food.  Non-perishable food is simply buying and storing more food that you already eat like canned tuna, spaghetti, oatmeal, etc.

This type of survival food is the best for when you are just beginning a survival food supply, preparing for normal emergencies, and want to constantly use and rotate your survival food.

Try to have at least a 3 month supply of non-perishable food with stuff you already eat and enjoy.

Long Term Food Storage

Product: Varies

Price: $21.75 (case of 6 #10 cans of Spaghetti Bites) – $76 (case of 6 #10 cans of Apple Slices)

Cheapest Place to Buy: LDS Home Storage Centers (better sales at physical locations)

My Rating: 6 – 10

The second most common type of survival food is long term food storage.  Long term food storage can last up to 30 years and is typically stored in pouches, #10 cans, and buckets.  You can buy individual cans and pouches at physical stores.

This type of survival food can be bought in bulk too and should make up the majority of your year’s supply of food.  These foods are mostly dry ingredients that need to be measured, combined with other ingredients, and cooked to make a meal worth eating.

Freeze-Dried Food

Product: Varies

Price: $3.49 (ice cream sandwich – pouch) – $1,834.99 (12 Week Emergency Food Supply)

Cheapest Place to Buy: freeze-dried food” target=”_blank”>Amazon.com

My Rating: 9 – 10

Freeze-dried food is the most marketed type of survival food.  While freeze-dried food requires boiling water to reconstitute and is more expensive than other survival foods, it has the ideal balance of weight, nutrition, and taste.  For this reason, it has become a staple in the backpacking and camping stores.

I personally have a 3-day food supply of Mountain House’s freeze-dried meals in my disaster kit since they can be rehydrated with cold water, and I rotate them every time I go backpacking.

Meals Ready to Eat (MREs)

Product: Varies

Price: $5.99 (individual pouch) – $147.25 (case of 24)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Rating: 1 – 5

Meals ready to eat or MRE for short are mostly used in the military; however, several MREs are available to civilians.  As their name suggests, this survival food can be eaten straight out of the pouch, but they can also be heated in boiling water or a special MRE warmer.

MREs do not last as long as freeze-dried food though, so they will need to be rotated every year or so.  Some people have MREs in their disaster kits so they don’t need boiling water, but I prefer to use freeze-dried food instead because MREs typically taste terrible.

High-Calorie Food Bars

Product: Varies

Price: $1.00 (Clif Energy Bar) – $249.99 (20 Pack Datrex 3600 Calorie Bars)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Rating: 0 – 3

High-calorie food bars can maintain a 5-year life span even in extreme temperatures.  For this reason, they make a good addition to car and boat survival kits.  Some food bars are even “Coast Guard approved” due to their high nutritional value, shelf-life, and non-thirst provoking qualities.

Unfortunately, they are very brittle and can be broken easily during transport and eating.  I tried two different kinds.  One tasted like graham cracker powder, while the other one tasted more like some sort of coconut candy bar.

Survival Tabs

Product: Survival Tabs

Price: $8.95 (pouch of 24 tabs [2 day supply]) – $129.95 (Case of 4 bottles with 720 tabs [60 day supply]) 

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Rating: ? – ?

Survival Tabs are the newest form of survival food.  According to their website, Survival Tabs are “the best possible nutrition in the smallest possible volume,” boasting a whopping “15 days’ food supply under 2 lbs.”

While many of their claims appear too good to be true, there is sound logic and research that went into their development.  Some skeptics shrug them off saying that they do not provide enough calories for survival, but concede that they would be a good multivitamin or food supplement.  I will let you know my opinion when I try some myself.

Heirloom Seeds

Product: Seeds

Price: $5.95 – $85.99

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Rating: 5 – 10

Heirloom seeds are not technically a survival food, but the means to produce your survival food by growing your own.  Several companies market their survival seed vaults, but any heirloom seed will be able to reproduce indefinitely as long as you know how to preserve the seeds and do not create hybrids with other heirloom seeds.

I wouldn’t suggest buying heirloom seeds unless you already know how to garden and have the resources available to have one.  If you don’t know how to garden or would like to learn how to grow a more efficient garden, then I highly recommend reading Mel Bartholomew’s book “Square Foot Gardening: A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work.”

Which Survival Food Is Best?

Which survival food is your favorite?  Do you have your own food storage recipes?

Please let us know in the comments below.


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